24 Beautiful Pride Tattoos That'll Help You Celebrate Your Love Out Loud

24 Beautiful Pride Tattoos That’ll Help You Celebrate Your Love Out Loud

June may be Pride Month, but members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community know the real work lasts forever, and celebrating your identity doesn’t have to be limited to a month-long occasion. If you want to make your eternal support for the cause permanent, you could consider getting a tattoo of one of the celebration’s most recognizable symbols, the rainbow.

For decades, the rainbow flag has boldly represented the movement supporting LGBTQ+ rights, and though its colors have evolved in recent years to be more inclusive of other sexual orientations and gender identities, its meaning remains the same, and getting a tattoo is a touching way to quite literally wear your pride on your sleeve (or back, or shoulder . . .). While getting a regular rainbow flag etched onto your body works just fine, there are tons of creative ways to make your Pride tattoo stand out.

From rainbow semicolons to multicolored puzzle pieces, check out some of our favorite Pride-themed tattoos ahead.

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